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Welcome to the website for Stoke Your Success

About the book

Stoke Your Success provides ‘ordinary’ people with a wide range of ‘stories’ of success that they can apply to their own circumstances- giving them confidence that they can emulate one or more of the achievers included in the book for their own personal circumstances & potential.

It celebrates Stoke-on-Trent as a centre from which many achievers have been sited, or evolved their inspiring achievements - across many different fields of life and business.  

Stoke-on-Trent / North Staffordshire is not recognised as a terrific place to live or grow up.

The area and its population tends to be unfairly  regarded as a deprived area with few opportunities for individuals to thrive – as individuals, families and businesses.


But it is actually a diverse inner-city area with lots of achievers in education, business, innovation,

arts and public services, whose achievements should be recognised internationally.

Stoke Your Success captures how 24 of these achievers have made it in their own careers / businesses, so readers will be inspired and realise that they can do it too in related ways in their own lives & careers – whatever their age or ethnicity, whatever education they’ve had or situation they’re in.


Read the key headlining elements of the achievers’ successes and think out what actions and investment (e.g. in training/learning, time, effort, funds) are worth you taking; to optimise the likelihood of succeeding with your own dreams or goals, and building belief in yourself.

The young people co-authoring the book with one of the achievers, Ruth Chambers, have pulled out the highlights of each achiever’s life story. 

To buy a copy of Stoke Your Success please visit this page.

Profits will be donated to the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice in Northern Staffordshire.


Donations can also be made online via their website by following this link.